Study shows extra virgin olive oil could prevent several forms of dementia

The results are the first to suggest that EVOO can help the brain defend itself against a specific type of mental decline associated with tauopathy, called frontotemporal dementia. The results of the study were published in the journal Aging Cell. Extra virgin olive oil to fight against different forms of dementia Alzheimer’s disease is in itself a form of dementia. It mainly affects the hippocampus, the memory storage centre in the brain. Frontotemporal dementia affects areas of the brain near the forehead and ears.

alexa for dementia

Alexa For Dementia

Alexa for dementia. Dementia refers to a disease that impairs human cognitive functions, including thinking, communication, and memory. It is a degenerative disease that interferes with the daily lives of individuals and imparts various elements of it, such as the…